Non-oat sweet breakfasts

I need to eat something sweet in the morning. You can give me an omelette or an avocado toast any other time of day, but when I wake up, I always find myself craving something sweet rather than savory. The problem I however have with the options for ‘sweet’ breakfasts, is that they either involve those overly sugary breakfast cereals and seemingly ‘healthy’ granolas, or, if you realized that those are yam-packed with sugar, plain oats as your less sugary alternative.

May I now say that I’ve eaten oatmeal for the past half year almost daily, and trust me, there will come a point when even the hardcore oatmeal lover will get bored of oats.

That said, I ravaged Planet Organic a couple of weeks ago and went on a hunt for the healthiest, yet sweet breakfast options out there that do not involve oats.

Here’s what I found

  • Quinoa-based oatmeal/bircher muesli:It is literally what it sounds like, simply substituting your oats with quinoa. Quinoa is actually a gluten-free grain that’s super high in Protein, and as it has an equally neutral  flavor like oats, you can cook it like you would cook your oatmeal and porridge.

Quinoa has become my new go-to breakfast option, cooked with a bit of cinnamon, water and oat milk.



  • Next off are the natural ‘granola’ substitutes I found: The Eat Natural Nuts and Seeds and the Puffed Brown Rice by Rude Health. Both are super affordable and make amazing toppings for whatever breakfast you’re enjoying as well as being amazing with some milk and fruit on their own. Both of the shown above don’t contain any refined sugars and are literally what they say on the packaging. #win


  • Lastly, the most instagrammed breakfast option of the bunch: Chia Seeds. I always make a simple overnight chia pudding by mixing 2 tbsp of chia seeds with 10tbsp of water/milk and leaving it in a jar overnight in the fridge. In the morning, you can either top that with fruit or the above mentioned granola, or add to your oatmeal, which I love to do. I literally always have some chia pudding in the fridge for either breakfast or baking, which is another great usage of chia seeds.

I want to end this blogpost by resolving the negative stigma that oats seem to have: Just to clearify, oats are naturally gluten-free and can only contain gluten when cross-contamined with wheat containing gluten. That however is only really an issue for people suffering from coeliac disease, so if you’re not coeliac and are (like we all are) simply worried about not consuming too much gluten, the tiny amount of gluten found in store-bought oats will genuinely not affect you at all.

I hope this post is helpful!

Love from me to you,



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