How to snack on the go

By now, anyone reading this blog must have noticed that I do certainly not belong to the group of people opposing snacks, and in fact, opposing actually eating something when you feel like it and it’s not time for one of your 3-a-day meals.

While it’s certainly resourceful and sensible to prep your snacks in advance, let’s just face the truth all together: nobody has got the time to roll up a tin of energy balls bi-weekly and schedule out what snacks you’ll be eating at what time of day and when. I mean, as much as I love cooking, give yourself a break, alright.

So snacks on the go it is. But with the options for seemingly ‘healthy’ snacks having gone through the roof in recent months/years, it is easy to become so overwhelmed by the selection, that you just find yourself accidentally reaching for the snickers. #sorrynotsorry

  • Nakd bars– Although they are high in fructose, Nakd bars are the best snack option I’ve been able to find. They’re easy to digest and not packed to the brim with conservatives as the main ingredients always are dates, raisins and cashews. You can find them anywhere now and for me, they always hit the spot.
  • Chocolate covered rice waffles- You can easily make those yourself, simply by melting the chocolate of your preference and strobing it onto your rice waffles. I find rice waffles quite filling and I like the ones from kallo because they sell a dark chocolate version, which I prefer to milk chocolate (probably the only person on the planet saying that.)
  • Pip and Nut On the Go- Those small squeeze tubes are amazing for keeping in your bag or drawer at work. They are the best pick-me-up put on an apple or a banana or eaten straight of the tube. #noshame
  • Blueberries- I added blueberries to this list for two reasons: 1– they are my favorite fruit, 2– I find that they are the best snack because they are so small that you can stuff your face with them feeling like you’re eating chips as it’s the same motion, you know? Btw, can anyone share that experience or am I a complete weirdo? 
  • Alpro Yoghurts- I think Alpro yoghurts have a much thicker consistency and are much sweeter that regular yoghurts, making them a very healthy snack.  Pro tip: You can also add fruit and/or the squeezy tubes of PB for the ultimate queen of all snacks! 




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