How to food prep like a pro

The truly unbeatable benefits of food prep in particular and the topic of food prep in general would have to be one of my top topics to talk/blabble on for hours.

I’m not one of those people on Instagram who spend their entire Friday through Sunday pre-washing, pre-chopping and pre-cooking their meals for the next decade ahead, but I am a firm believer that investing literally an hour each Sunday on food prep is key to eating in a balanced way. I am going to be bold and say that for me, food prepping is the single effective way to maintain a healthy, wholesome and nutritious diet.

Clearly, I’m a fan. #foodprepforlife



The obvious aside, there’s some tips and tricks to turn food prep into simply preparing the food for the week ahead instead of a weekend-long endeavor. As a dedicated food prepper, I have a couple of tips to share with you that you can use to make the most of your food prep. (also, to convince you to jump on the food-prepping boat, come on, it’s amazing!)

  • Frozen foods are lifesavers: Agreeing fully with Nigella Lawson, self-confessed “Queen of the frozen pea”, I always make sure to have a couple of different frozen vegetables in my fridge. Why? They’re the easiest way to assemble a quick meal after a long day and are really cheap too. For vegetables, I  love kale and spinach, which I use for my smoothies as well and frozen peas. You an also freeze meat and your fruit, which I do with bananas and berries for my smoothies.
  • Pre-cut, Pre-wash, Pre-roast and Pre-cook everything: Tying in with the theme of zero-resistance when it comes to food prep, I would definitely recommend literally doing all the steps you need to take before actually throwing your ingredients in a pot beforehand. What this means is washing and cutting your vegetables, fruits and meats  in advance so that when you come home, you don’t have to spend an hour starving in the kitchen while you cook. #genius
    • Taking this to the next level, boiling a bunch of eggs before the week ahead is a must for me. And if you’re feeling really #pro, then roast up some sweet potatoes on a Sunday and keep them in the fridge for easy dinners and lunches. (I love them as fake fries with some guacamole, in a  quick stew or as a soup)
  • Don’t forget the snacks!: You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? How could I not include some snacks in this post, huh? That said, I always make sure to bake up a sweet and healthy treat on a Sunday, such as my Gluten, refined sugar free and vegan Banana bread or I make loads of the The everyday smoothie aka the most indulgent smoothie ever. When then the 4pm slump rolls around (and you know it’s coming, so no surprise there), your weaponed with some lovely snacks and will be less tempted to resort to the cookies on your co-workers desk (or you’ll just take one instead of eating almost all of them #progress)
    • Just going back to the aforementioned point of pre-cutting, also include fruit in that category; I always slice my apples in advance and put them into small containers with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Benefit: The cinnamon has got properties in it that’ll help a quicker insulin response to the apple’s fructose in our body. 

That about sums up my food prep tips for you. As I said, this entire process takes no more than an hour for me on a Sunday and the impact it has on my diet is incredible.

I hope you can take some of these tips and use them for yourself!

Thank you for reading,

x Mila




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