Gym beauty

Let’s face reality guys: nobody looks good in the gym. Nobody, okay. I bet not even Adriana Lima looks good while she sweats it out in her modern and uber climatized private gym (something that certainly can’t be said about the gym I go to 🙂 ). That however doesn’t mean that we all want to slurp into the gym wearing our gym clothes, am I right? Yes, my friends, I am, at least judging by the heavily make-up gals reapplying their bronzer in the breaks of their HIIT circuits.

On a more serious note now, I know that there’s this ever-existent discord between wanting to look somewhat normal at the gym and just not caring enough to actually make an effort, because, I mean, after all you are just sweating for yourself, right?

Being an avid gym-goer and workout-class lover, I feel like I have developed a routine that combines both ideals, and keeps your skin fresh both before and after the gym:

  • Before the gym: It won’t surprise you to hear that I’ll be the first one to preach to keep it natural. I honestly always prefer a natural look, and while I love going (a bit) full out for a night out, I think no matter how much make-up you apply, it should always look as natural as possible. Anyway, back to the topic of beauty at the gym, I like to stick to mascara, eyebrow gel and concealer. That way I resemble my actual self and cover up my ocean-deep underage circles, while letting my skin breath and sweat how much it wants. Feel free to interpret the au natural scheme here however you want, but keep in mind to really use as minimal makeup on your skin as possible, as makeup and sweat simply equals breakouts. Trust me, been there, done that. 


  • After the gym: I really suck with that point, I really do, but applying a hydrating and cleansing skin mask after having sweated it out is a great way to rebalance your skin after a workout. I love the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Pore Purifying Clay Mask as it’s extremely hydrating, ticks the purifying box and is affordable. Obviously, deodorant is key, but I guess/ hope I don’t need to mention that additionally, as well as a handy hairbrush is as well.

On another note, I find it quite helpful to keep a loose-fitting shirt with me in my gym bag to change into for my way home as it makes me feel less like a sloth. Other tips of me to keep fresh’n’glowing before and after the gym are to keep a snack with you that you can tuck into after sweating it out, like a banana, and taking a cold shower for cooling down afterwards.

That wraps up my top tips and tricks on gym beauty. Now I want to know yours!!

All the love,

x Mila



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